If you are a Real Estate Agent That Wants To Fill Your Pipeline With Fresh, New Listings, Read This

My name is Chris Stafford and for over 25 years I have been a real estate agent in the San Francisco area, which is one of the toughest markets in the country, yet I not only survived, I thrived.

I am still in the trenches doing what works every single day because I love it and I love helping other real estate agents fill their pipeline with fresh, new leads.

Look I know there are a lot of real estate trainers and coaches out there who have made promise after promise about teaching you how to fill your pipeline… all the while they are sitting in their ivory towers not even in the field. The guru’s out there aren’t in the field any more and they make all their money from their courses. I am the exact opposite of those guys… I am in the field everyday helping people sell their homes and that is why I know I can help you.

You don’t have to take my word for it… You can see what other agents I have helped have to say about my Top Producer Blueprint in a moment but before we get to that let’s take a moment so I can show you what’s in it, then you can decide for yourself if it makes sense for you to work with me.

So here is what you’re gonna get:


6 hours of pure gold video training modules that show you step by step how to find the low hanging fruit in your marketplace to get listings fast


My secret method for getting free listings and how you will never again have to pay for leads, listings or online directories


My lead accelerator video shows you how you can get listings at least 3x faster than your competitors keeping you way ahead of everyone else in your area.


Expired Listing mining module shows you when and how to contact expired listings and when to avoid them like the plague


My FSBO Script that teaches the 1 thing to never say to the homeowner and how I close 99% of them when we talk


The 3 MUST ASK QUESTIONS to build rapport with clients so they choose you as their agent over all other agents.


How to expand your social sphere and influence so you get so many referrals that you’ll have give some away(or sell them)


Hi, I’m Chris Stafford and I’ve been a real estate agent in San Francisco for over 25 years. And unlike other real estate coaches in their ivory towers – I’m still in the trenches.. Selling real estate every day.

Everything you learn from me works in the REAL WORLD. No theory. No guessing. Just real, practical proven advice that’s worked for decades.


Don’t take my word for it – here are other successful real estate agents who have been through my coaching…

As I mentioned a moment ago you don’t have to take my word for it, this is what my students have to say about the Top Producer Blueprint:
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When you make the decision to buy the Top Producer Blueprint today I will immediately send you My Million Dollar Scripts that have personally generated over $XX in sales over the XX years.

Kathleen Carmichael

Kathleen Carmichael

Atlanta, GA

“I first heard Chris on a podcast and was immediately drawn to his calm and joyful personality- he seemed to have this real estate thing down. I wanted to know his secret.  When I discovered he had a coaching program, I jumped at the chance to work with him. He called me personally and walked me through the program. The training is direct and actionable- but the best part is direct access to Chris. He is so generous with his time and talents. Chris has helped to simplify this business and reminds me that mindset is most important if I want to win at this business and ultimately in life.”

“Chris is by the far the best coach I’ve had so far. Having worked with a number of other real estate coaches, his dedication and sincerity  really sets him apart from the rest. He really cares and that’s what I feel matters the most. Succeeding in real estate isn’t rocket science, but it does require hard work and consistency. With Chris’s help I’ve been more consistent in doing what needs to be done. I’m able to run anything buy him and I get great feedback. I highly recommend him!”

Morshad Hossain

Morshad Hossain

New Jersey

Isabel Affinito

Isabel Affinito

Austin, TX

“I heard about Chris through a podcast and decide to give him a call. I’m focusing on making my business more listing-focused. Chris has a wealth of knowledge about becoming a high-volume listing agent, and is full of actionable suggestions about how to find listing leads. If you’re looking for some guidance on how to start building your listing inventory, definitely talk to Chris. He’s fun, funny and frank. He’ll make you laugh, he won’t waste your time, and he is generous with his time and expertise.”

“Within 24hrs of signing up, I’m calling expireds. The first week, I prospected for 6 hrs. During that time-no bullshit-I set up 3 listing appointments, went on two, received an $11.5mm listing for land in Northern California after we (my partner and I) declined to list his home, got the listing for the other home ($1.135mm), and got two leads for listings that we’ll bring to market in the next couple of months. The following week, I prospected for 10 hrs, we got a call back on a $15mm ocean front property in Santa Barbara, received a listing for another $1mm home because the clients were “blown away” by my pre-listing package, now have 4 hot leads in the pipeline, and are finalizing the details for the $11.5mm listing up north.  Now I’m in control of my business, my leads are predicated on the number of calls I make, and I can objectively control and determine how much business I’m going to bring in. Keep in mind, this is off TWO WEEKS of working expired listings and prospecting, on average, 8 hrs a week. I’ve been so inundated with business I haven’t had time to even call on probates, FSBOs, or my sphere of influence, but I’m working on it.

My advice, follow Chris’ system, take it one day at a time, and enjoy watching your new business grow.


Tyler Kallenbach

Tyler Kallenbach

Santa Barbara, CA


Why am I offering this 6+ hour course for just one payment of $97? It’s because I know how much this can help you.

And in full transparency, if you start to get more listings and grow your book of business – there’s a good chance you’ll want to join my coaching group.

Either way, I know this program will transform your business. And if you don’t love it, you’ll get a 100% refund.


When you signup for this course, you’ll download my most powerful scripts that have personally generated over $XX in sales over the XX years. Follow these scrips and watch your pipeline explode.

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